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Ziterdes 6079301 Dunkelstadt Extension Set I

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Dunkelstadt Erweiterungs-Set I.
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6 x Dunkelstadt modules, made of hard foam, primed gray
3 x transition wall, made of resin, unpainted
2 x double-course walls, made of resin, unpainted
3 x wall with door, made of resin, unpainted

Details Dunkelstadt Dungeon Extension-Set I.


The ultimate playing surface for all dungeon player and jailer. This set is an ideal and inexpensive extension of the basic set (Item No. 79300) to dive even deeper into the world of Dunkelstadt . This kit consits:

1 x Type 5, 19 x 19 x 2 cm (base) + 4 cm (wall)
1 x Type 2, 19 x 19 x 2 cm (base) + 4 cm (wall)
4 type 6, 19 x 19 x 2 cm (base) + 4 cm (wall)
3 x transition wall, 2 x double-passage wall, 3 x wall with door

With the 19 x 19 cm long and 2 cm high modules of Dunkelstadt you have everything in hand to build a ultimate Dugeon. The modules of the known structural foam of ZITERDES, you can paint and embellish according to your ideas. The three-dimensional surfaces, tiled structure in the standard dungeon size of a 1 inch (2.54 x 2.54 cm), can be easy and quick to paint. In addition, you have the possibility to cut the structural foam and to file. Thereby can be built into the walls secret doors or integrate hidden passages or traps in the ground. Individually and with little effort. To adjust the modules already enough a simple craft knife and a little craft experience.

The start and extension sets are the perfect choice for entering. They contain everything you need to start of Dunkelstadt . They protect the bargain your wallet. The sets are particularly cheap compared to the purchase of individual products. The modules can be quickly and easily set up. The walls are fixed to the plate. The different wall structures and wall passages of the modules can be repeatedly create new combinations. Thereby your dungeon is exciting and varied. With another flat modules and a 4 cm high modulus can be put even more levels. Thereby is your Dungeon three dimensions. Stairs, which can also be set individually to help to overcome the differences in altitude.

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