Terms of Use

General information about the company

The company's legal name: Togcenter Gentofte ApS
Company nickname: Togcenter
Company form: ApS
CVR number: DK 27437702
Number of employees converted to full-time employees: 2
Year of establishment: 1996

Train center
Blåmunkevej 1 - 3
2400 Copenhagen NW
Phone number: + 45 39 65 13 61

E-mail address: togcenter@togcenter.dk
web address: www.togcenter.dk

Bank Account:

Nordea : DK2720006876803362

In general

Togcenter runs the web portal www.togcenter.dk with sales of model trains to companies, public institutions and private individuals. These general terms and conditions of sale govern the sale and distribution of products from this portal. The terms apply from the stated date and replace previously published terms of sale.

Product information

Togcenter reserves the right to make errors in the product catalog at www.togcenter.dk, as well as in other broadcasts or publications. The reservation further includes images which cannot be guaranteed to give an exact representation of the true appearance of the product.
Product information, illustrations, drawings and information on technical data, such as volume, load capacity, performance, uptime, size, response time and the like in brochures, descriptions, powerpoint presentations, on Togcenter's website, etc. is for guidance only. This information is only binding to the extent that it is referred to separately in the purchase agreement or in the order confirmation. The Customer has the full responsibility online for the selection of the product or service, including that the Customer can achieve the expected results and functionality, and that the service can function in the Customer's existing or intended operating environment.

You can order items from Togcenter in the following ways:
• by contacting the store.
• via www.togcenter.dk
• via E-mail
• by telephone ordering from a seller affiliated with Togcenter
• by fax
• by post

When you shop with Togcenter in our Internet store, you must accept that the final agreement on the purchase of the goods you order only takes place when an employee in the company has processed your order. Togcenter therefore has the right to reject an order if the item is sold out, is stated with an incorrect price, is impossible to obtain or for other reasons. Prepayment of orders using bank transfer must only take place when Togcenter Gentofte has sent a specific invoice by agreement. If prepayment is to be reversed, we the bank charges applicable at any time are imposed on the customer.

All prices on the website are stated including VAT and all taxes, duties, etc.

Agreements on our website can be entered into in the following languages: Danish

Once you have entered into an agreement with us, we will keep the contract so that you can access it later as follows if you have created an account:
As a customer, you cannot expect a Danish manual to be included on all our products. To the extent that there are instructions for use in Danish, we enclose this.

Price and availability

Prices and stock availability on www.togcenter.dk are updated regularly, prices are only valid within Denmark's borders, excl. The Faroe Islands and Greenland and reservations are made for:
• currency changes
• force majeure
• delivery failure
• tax changes
• sold out items and printing errors

Togcenter reserves the right to change price and range without prior notice. However, the customer will be notified if changes occur and have the right to change or cancel his order. Other price terms are regulated through special agreements between Togcenter and the customer.