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Fleischmann 712375 Dampflok BR 023 Sound

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Dampflok BR 23 Sound
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Steam locomotive class 23 of the Deutsche Bundesbahn.

* The model is equipped with digital decoder and digitally switchable sound and light funtions
* Model in Epoch IV Design
* Moveable Heusinger control
* Brake shoes between the wheels
* Chassis made of metal die-cast material

The 023 series was a true all-round genius. The locomotive hauled commuter trains, fast and express trains. Sometimes they hauled even freight trains. The newly designed locomotive of the class 023 (which until 1968 was designated class 23) was being used even in the epoch IV. 76 locomotives were a permanent part of the rolling stock of the DB and without exception they were stationed at the three railway depots Saarbrücken, Kaiserslautern and Crailsheim.The modern class 23 "survived" the Prussian replacement locomotive P 8 only for a year. She had an power outpout of 1314 kW (1785 hp), weighed 131.8 t and achieved a maximum speed of 110 km / h(forward gear) and with tender ahead 85 km / h. After the official decommissioning of the locomotive in December 1975, eight of the locomotives have been preserved for future generations in associations and museums. Some of the locomotives still can be used.
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