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Heljan 44901 DSB MY 1101 Brun Ep III

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DSB MY 1101 Brun Ep III
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DSB MY 1101 Brun Ep III

Prototype: There are few Diesel Locomotives that Europe will enjoy a similarly wide popularity, as the case Nydqvist & Holm Aktiebolag (NoHAB) in Trollhättan (Sweden) built MY. The fact that the locomotives are under license of American Nasenloks the legendary E and F types of Electro-Motive Division (EMD), sees and hears. The acoustics of the diesel-electric six-axis robot with its slow running 16-cylinder two-stroke diesel engine GM 16-567 C delighted railway fans. The engines deliver 1950 hp at 835 1 / min. From 1954 made a total of 54 copies NoHAB for the Danish State Railways (DSB). Thus the heavy American art does not overpower the rather slight European railway construction, donated to the originally planned as a four-axle locomotives triaxial bogies with central barrel axis (A1A wheel arrangement 'A1A'). With the liberalization of freight transport in Germany resorted to a variety of young railway companies, as the DSB had separated from her several MY. 1999 acquired the North German railway company (NEG) ten MY that drive today partially. In the meantime, one could admire with some luck locomotives between the Danish-German border and at the Tegernsee, in the Saarland and in the Lausitz. Meanwhile, some locomotives have new owners found the loving care of the old locomotives and mostly already gave them very attractive paint.

Model: These magnificent locomotives ESU now at Pullman-range on 45-mm-tracks the king lane I. The approximately 5.6-kilogram model is executed in robust plastic-metal hybrid construction, the machine is driven by a powerful mid-engine on a total of four axes. From ESU course comes the ten thousand fold proven LokSound XL V4.0 decoder, the operation of the locomotives can become an audible and visual experience with the large 50 mm round speaker. For the latter also contributes the standard smoke generator, the LokSound to eject speed dependent synchronous exhaust clouds. For the first time in track I is also a curve sensor on board, the speed levels depending squeaking triggers when the locomotive travels through curves. ESU-typically a prototypical lighting system including cab lighting is part of the equipment. During heavy braking fly on the contact surfaces of brake and wheel often spark what we simulate in the model placed near the wheels LEDs. The powerful six-axle roll on the same in ten attractive finishes. With the NoHAB MY get yourself a finely detailed yet unheard of solid US-European Loklegende on the plant.

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