Vollmer 5767 Stellwerk Rüdesheim

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H0 Stellwerk Rüdesheim
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Stellwerk Rüdesheim
size: 185x80x186 mm Kit This kind of signal box. built around 1920 - 30 could be found more often along the trackside at this time. The architecture is just plain. but has a certain wit. It is built with clinker stone. Probabely the attachement was errected later and with the renovation the yellow colour of the window frames. put some interessting accents to the front. Be fascinated by the signal box itself and compare the Original with this model. The Vollmer figures art.-no. 2315 shunters are fitting well to the working atmosphere of a signal box. Just from the very beginning of railway in Germany. one was dreaming about a railroad line at the right side of River Rhine. 1856 the first part from Wiesbaden to Rüdesheim has been released. It took until 1871 when the whole railroad line from Cologne up to Wiesbaden could be passed.
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