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LG26815 Dampflok 99 222 HSB, Sound

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Dampflok 99 222 HSB, Sound
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26815 HSB Steam Locomotive Weathered **LIMITED EDITION**
Model of the HSB Narrow-Gauge steam locomotive, road number 99 222 with five powered axles.
This overhauled design, among other things in the area of the main air tank, Knorr surface pre-heater, or also the smoke box door with its central locking feature and a lot more prototypically reproduces the original of the Harz Narrow Gauge Railways in era VI.
This locomotive has an extremely extensive paint scheme and precise detailed imprinting.
Of the technical side, this model has a DCC interface connection, a very detailed reproduction of the engineer's cab painted in several colours and with lighting.
The locomotive has running gear lights and triple head lights that change over with direction of travel.
The cab doors can be opened, as can the smoke box door and the roof vents.
In addition, this model has two powerful Buhler motors, traction tyres and a general purpose socket, and a smoke generator with smoke exhaust synchronised with the motion of the wheels.

Length over buffers 55cm
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